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28. May 2021
Resolving the molecular architecture of the photoreceptor active zone by MINFLUX nanoscopy
Grabner CP, Jansen I, Neef J, Weiss T, Schmidt R, Riedel D, Wurm CA, Moser T
25. May 2021
Fast photoswitchable molecular prosthetics control neuronal activity in the cochlea
Garrido-Charles A, Huet AT, Matera C, Thirumalai A, Llebaria A, Moser T, Gorostiza P
11. May 2021
Mechanism of molnupiravir-induced SARS-CoV-2 mutagenesis
Kabinger F, Stiller C, Schmitzová J, Dienemann C, Hillen HS, Höbartner C, Cramer P
7. May 2021
Instant three color multi-plane fluorescence microscopy
Gregor I, Butkevich E, Enderlein J, Mojiri S
6. May 2021
Amyloid-like aggregates cause lysosomal defects in neurons via gain-of-function toxicity
Riera-Tur I, Schaefer T, Hornburg D, Mishra A, Fernández-Mosquera L, Feigenbutz D, Auer P, Mann M, Baumeister W, Klein R, Meissner F, Raimundo N, Fernández-Busnadiego R, Dudanova I
26. April 2021
Super-resolution microscopy informs on the molecular architecture of alpha-synuclein inclusions in model systems and in the human brain
Weish P, Lázaro DF, Palmares L, Santos PI, Stadelmann C, Höglinger GU, Rizzoli SO, Outeiro TF

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