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Marina Rodnina receives Albrecht-Kossel Award

On October 21, Professor Dr. Marina Rodnina, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen and MBExC member, receives the Albrecht-Kossel Award of the German Chemical Society (GDCh) for her work in the field of biochemistry. The award is endowed with 7,500 EUR. Link to the GDCh press release
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Researchers find warning signs for dementia in the blood

Researchers at the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) and the University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG) have identified molecules in the blood that can indicate impending dementia. The biomarker described by the team led by MBExC member Prof. André Fischer is based on measuring levels of so-called microRNAs. According to
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Jan Huisken takes up Humboldt-Professorship

The MBExC warmly welcomes its new member Humboldt-Professor Dr. Jan Huisken! The co-founder of modern light-sheet microscopy and world leader in the field of multiscale imaging strengthens research at the MBExC, the University of Göttingen, and the Göttingen Campus. Link to the press release
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Abstract Prize of the Segnitz-Ackermann Foundation for Josefine Paulke

MBExC med. Ph.D. student Josefine Paulke (Stephan Lehnart lab) is awarded the Segnitz-Ackermann Foundation Prize for the best abstract on the occasion of the DGK Heart Days 2021. In her thesis she investigates the role of the protein dysferlin in membrane biogenesis and in cardiac hyperthrophic remodeling. The science award
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The MBExC welcomes Jun.-Prof. Dr. Nadja Simeth

The MBExC is pleased to welcome its new member Jun.-Prof. Dr. Nadja Simeth in Göttingen! The expert in the field of organic chemistry and photochemistry just started building up her own junior research group for Molecular Labeling Chemistry at the University of Göttingen. Link to the press release
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Virtual Cryo-EM symposium at MBExC

The MBExC celebrated the inauguration of its cryo-EM platform at the University of Göttingen hosted by Rubén Fernández Busnadiego. Electron microscopy is central to MBExC’s mission of bridging the scales in biological imaging. In the virtual symposium MBExC speakers and colleagues from the international cryo-EM community presented exciting MBExC research
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Patrick Cramer receives Aminoff Prize

MBExC member Patrick Cramer was awarded this year’s Aminoff Prize together with Elena Conti, Germany, and Seth Darst, USA, for the investigation of cellular systems for the production, transport and quality control of RNA. The Gregori Aminoff Prize of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences honors every year scientific advances in
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How RNAs are made-to-measure to power our cells

Mitochondria are organelles within our cells that generate the majority of chemical energy required to sustain life. They contain a dedicated genome with a special set of genes that need to be expressed to fulfill their function. An important step in mitochondrial gene expression is RNA processing, during which the
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Clusters of Excellence launches joint podcast series

On September 1, 2021, the first episode of the German science podcast series “Exzellent erklärt – Spitzenforschung für alle” will be released. The podcast on current science topics reflects the research diversity of all 57 Clusters of Excellence, funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft: from Africa Studies to Future of Medicine.
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MBExC starts City-Light poster campaign

Over the next 12 months, the MBExC will be present at Göttingen, Wilhelmsplatz with a series of six beautifully illustrated and illuminated City Light posters to engage and inspire people about the pioneering heart and brain research and the amazing scientists at the MBExC. This poster series is accompanied by
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