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Hertha Sponer College

The educational concept of the Hertha Sponer College complements existing programs for structured education available on the Göttingen Campus in order to encourage students and early career researchers towards career options at the interface of natural sciences and biomedicine. The Hertha Sponer College program comprises small-group research-oriented teaching through tailored scientific and advanced methods courses, lab rotations, and transferable skill courses, networking opportunities and personalized mentoring.

Equal Opportunities

The MBExC actively supports the promotion of female scientists, and reconciliation of family and professional life. We believe that every individual should be able to pursue a career according to her/his talents, independent of gender, ethnic and national background, sexual orientation, religion, physical status, age, social background, and life situation. Our goal is to actively contribute to overcoming remaining barriers, even if subtle, related to organizational structure, cultural change, and individual career support. Learn more...

Open Positions

We regularly announce offers for new positions and all careers levels.
If you are interested to join us, please view the MBExC job portal.

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