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Equity & Diversity Policy of MBExC

The MBExC is actively committed to support its members with a trustworthy, non-discriminatory and inclusive research environment with attractive working conditions to guarantee top-level scientific research and foster scientific talents. We believe that every individual should be able to pursue a career according to her/his talents, independent of gender, ethnic and national background, sexual orientation, religion, physical status, age, social background, and personal situation.

We are convinced that creation of equal opportunities including a focus on gender balance and diversity are of major importance to attract and tie top-level scientists to the MBExC community. The MBExC has therefore implemented various measures, which are offered to all its members independent of their personal career level. A major theme is to support the endeavor of recruiting especially female scientists, and promoting reconciliation of family and professional life of all MBExC members.

The MBExC equal opportunities officer is involved in all personnel decisions and organizational measures at MBExC. She regularly informs MBExC members about specific temporary measures, offers advice in gender sensitive issues, and is in close exchange with the respective equal opportunities and diversity offices of the University and the University Medical Center.

Measures of the MBExC

MBExC offers top-level scientists and their families dual career support to facilitate decision making processes in the course of recruitments by supporting their partner's in finding a job.
MBExC aims on proactive recruitment of female researchers by identifying suitable candidates during recruitment processes via its network contacts. In this context, MBExC builds on intensive networking with cooperation partners and former members.
MBExC aims on significantly increasing the number of female scientists by especially encouraging women to apply for announced positions, and giving preferential treatment to female candidates with equal qualifications.
Highly talented scientists can apply for temporary personal support during pregnancy and times of parental leave. To apply for support please contact the equal opportunities manager.
MBExC offers personal mentoring especially for students and early careers researchers in transition phases, but also for its members in more advanced positions.
MBExC organizes child care for its members during scientific events, business travels, and emergency cases. Moreover, measures of the University and University Medical Center are supported that aim on expanding child care services. Members who need child care support may contact the equal opportunities officer sufficient time in advance.
Being in tight contact with the child care facilities of the University of Göttingen, the University Medical Center and cooperating local institutions, MBExC is able to support new members in mediating child care places. Moreover, MBExC has access to a limited number of reserved day care spots to facilitate recruitment procedures.

The MBExC equal opportunities concept complements the Gender and Diversity Strategy of the University of Göttingen including the University Medical Center.

For its Gender and Diversity Strategy the University of Göttingen including the University Medical Center has received positive recognition in the past. Its successes in the Excellence Initiative and in the Programme for Female Professors, in the signing of the Charter “Family Life and Academia” and the Charter of Diversity, as well as in the implementation of the Diversity Audit "Shaping Diversity", have contributed to developing the University profile. Find here the UMG Equal Opportunities Plan (in German)

In the following, an overview of the most relevant measures is provided:

The MedF3 - Female network of women in science and leadership has been established to empower and foster female scientists along their career path.
The aim of WoCaNet is to increase young female scientists' awareness of their own potentials and opportunities by providing an interactive environment and networking possibilities.
With the Equality Innovation Fund, the University of Göttingen supports projects that address subject- and/or organization-specific challenges in the field of equal opportunities. Promotion of innovative projects in the faculties.
Participation at the Short-Term International Mentorship program (STIM) aims on gaining valuable experience abroad at an early point of the career, connect with an internationally renowned scientist as a mentor.
The University's Familiy Service Unit provides assistance in combining academic with family life, regular child-care with reserved places in nearby day-care facilities, and flexible child-care.