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Mentoring & Networking

Effective mentorship is important for successful career development of young researchers especially at transition phases. The Hertha Sponer College therefore offers mentoring opportunities for all career levels.
Upon admission, Hertha Sponer Collegians receive a first personal interview to analyze their previous career path and specify their personal needs for future career development. Students and early career level scientists will profit in small group seminars from experiences of peers, collegians at a higher career level, and MBExC members. At the advanced career level, Clinician Scientists are supported by a mentor duo including a clinical scientists (releasing department) and a basic scientist (hosting department. Junior Research Group leaders receive mentoring by two MBExC PIs.
Collegians have the opportunity to foster scientific and personal exchange and networking among each other and with MBExC members within courses and lectures, and at social events. To further promote networking and communication with international researchers, collegians are encouraged to organize Consultation Workshops with invited renowned researchers.

We meet every third Thursday per month for personal exchange, special talks and discussions, or sportive activities for networking and teambuilding.