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Hertha Sponer College Program

Members of the Hertha Sponer College benefit from a comprehensive college program comprising small-group research-oriented teaching through tailored scientific and advanced methods courses, transferable skill courses, networking opportunities, personalized mentoring, and career advice. Special emphasis lies on training of i) quantitative approaches combining experiment and theory, ii) thinking across scales, and iii) connecting natural sciences and biomedicine. Meeting facilities for small-group seminars, lectures, social events, and several workshops are hosted by the European Neuroscience Institute (ENI-G), where also office space for the Hertha Sponer College coordination is provided.

Training Formats

The Hertha Sponer College program undergoes constant development. We therefore keep close exchange with our collegians and investigator, and highly encourage our collegians to regularly inform us about their personal needs. Upon certified attendance of accordingly marked advanced methods courses, PhD students receive Credits since our measures are accredited by the Georg-August-University School of Sciences (GAUSS) and the Göttingen Graduate Center for Neurosciences, Biophysics and Molecular Biosciences (GGNB). PhD-candidates are encouraged to attend matching method courses and soft skill courses regularly organized by MBExC PIs and offered in the GAUSS/GGNB portfolio in cooperation with the Hertha Sponer College.
Clinician Scientists have the opportunity to participate in the workshop and course program of the local clinician scientist programs at the UMG, and to therefore get in touch with other clinician scientists. For information about current offers, please contact: heike.conrad[at]med.uni-goettingen.de.