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Educating a New Generation of Future Researchers

Multiscale integrative research performed by MBExC scientists offers unique opportunities for the interdisciplinary training of early career researchers coming from a basic science or medical background. The Hertha Sponer College targets particularly talented students and early career researchers interested in further personalized research training and career advice to spark and foster enthusiasm for research at the boundary of the natural sciences and biomedicine. The overall aim is to promote cutting-edge, interdisciplinary early career researchers on their way to independence, to thus educate a new generation of future research leaders.
College Members


The Hertha Sponer College aims on promoting students and early career researchers who intend to pursue an academic career at the interface of the natural sciences and biomedicine. The College program is based on the specific training needs of students, young scientists and clinicians at various stages of their career. Training measures are designed to promote the scientific and personal development, networking among collegians, with PIs, and the community. To foster early independence, specific fellowships are available for research-oriented Clinician Scientists and for postdoctoral Junior Fellows.
The Hertha Sponer College offers two career development tracks: The basic scientist track is dedicated to excellent students as well as early career researchers of the natural and life sciences interested in quantitative, interdisciplinary research. The clinician scientist track promotes excellent medical students and residents by providing a framework that supports them in combining clinical training and practice with research within the scope of MBExC. The educational concept complements existing programs for structured education available on the Göttingen Campus.


The Hertha Sponer College Board operates the selection of collegians, and promotes the constant development of the high-quality college program supported by the Hertha Sponer College coordinator.

HSC Board Members:

Prof. Dr. Claudia Steinem (Head), University of Göttingen, Faculty of Chemistry
Prof. Dr. Stephan E. Lehnart (Deputy), University Medical Center Göttingen
Prof. Dr. Axel Munk, University of Göttingen, Faculty of Mathematics & Computer Sciences
Prof. Dr. Christine Stadelmann-Nessler, University Medical Center Göttingen

HSC Representatives:

cand. PhD Alexandra Busley, Stem Cells Unit, UMG
cand. PhD Marie-Kristin Schreiber, Institut of Pharmacology and Toxicology, UMG

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