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28. August 2020
Premature aging disorders: A clinical and genetic compendium
Schnabel F, Kornak U, Wollnik B
26. August 2020
Bioprospection of Natural Sources of Polyphenols with Therapeutic Potential for Redox-Related Diseases
Menezes R, Foito A, Jardim C, Costa I, Garcia G, Rosado-Ramos R, Freitag S, Alexander CJ, Outeiro TF, Stewart D, Santos CN
24. August 2020
Emission States Variation of Single Graphene Quantum Dots
Ghosh S, Oleksiievets N, Enderlein J, Chizhik AI
20. August 2020
Rosalind Franklin and the Advent of Molecular Biology
Cramer P
20. August 2020
3d Virtual Pathohistology of Lung Tissue from Covid-19 Patients based on Phase Contrast X-ray Tomography
Eckermann M, Frohn J, Reichardt M, Osterhoff M, Sprung M, Westermeier F, Tzankov A, Werlein C, Kuehnel M, Jonigk D, Salditt T
18. August 2020
3D virtual histology of human pancreatic tissue by multiscale phase-contrast X-ray tomography
Frohn J, Pinkert-Leetsch D, Missbach-Güntner J, Reichardt M, Osterhoff M, Alves F, Salditt T
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