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9. Mai 2019
Frame-constrained Total Variation Regularization for White Noise Regression
del Álamo M, Li H, Munk A
16. Juli 2019
Modeling Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy through an aberrating sphere
Ruhlandt D, Katti A, Derouard J, Delon A, Enderlein J
16. Februar 2020
Seeded Binary Segmentation: A general methodology for fast andoptimal change point detection
Kovács S, Li H, Bühlmann P, Munk A
15. Mai 2020
What is resolution? A statistical minimax testing perspective on super-resolution microscopy
Kulaitis G, Munk A, Werner F
24. Juni 2020
Gromov-Wasserstein Distance based Object Matching: Asymptotic Inference
Weitkamp CA, Proksch K, Tameling C, Munk A
8. Juli 2020
Minimax estimation in linear modelswith unknown design over finitealphabets
Behr M, Munk A
7. September 2020
Multiscale quantile segmentation
Vanegas LJ, Behr M, Munk A
3. Oktober 2020
Physics-based Reconstruction Methods for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Wang X, Tan Z, Scholand N, Roeloffs V, Uecker M
20. Oktober 2020
Optimistic search strategy: Change point detection forlarge-scale data via adaptive logarithmic queries
Kovacs S, Li H, Haubner L, Munk A, Buhlmann P
16. November 2020
Posterior analysis of n in the binomial (n,p) problem with both parameters unknown — with applications to quantitative nanoscopy
Schmidt-Hieber J, Schneider LF, Staudt T, Krajina A, Aspelmeier T, Munk A

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