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Empirical Optimal Transport under Estimated Costs: Distributional Limits and Statistical Applications

Authors Hundrieser S, Mordant Gm Weitkamp CA, Munk A Journal Arxiv Citation arXiv:2301.01287. Abstract Optimal transport (OT) based data analysis is often faced with the issue that the underlying cost function is (partially) unknown. This paper is concerned with the derivation of distributional limits for the empirical OT value when
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Graphene-Induced Energy Transfer for Quantitative Membrane Biophysics at Sub-Nanometer Accuracy

Authors Chen T, Ghosh A, Enderlein J Journal Arxiv Citation arXiv:2211.03517. Abstract Graphene-induced energy transfer (GIET) is a recently developed fluorescence-spectroscopic technique that achieves sub-nanometric optical localization of fluorophores along the optical axis of a microscope. GIET is based on the near-field energy transfer from an optically excited fluorescent molecule
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Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging by Nonlinear Inversion of the Bloch Equations

Authors Scholand N, Wang X, Roeloffs V, Rosenzweig S, Uecker M Journal arXiv Citation arXiv:2209.08027. Abstract Purpose: Development of a generic model-based reconstruction framework for multi-parametric quantitative MRI that can be used with data from different pulse sequences. Methods: Generic nonlinear model-based reconstruction for quantitative MRI estimates parametric maps directly
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Roadmap for Optical Tweezers

Authors Volpe G, Maragò OM, Rubinzstein-Dunlop H, Pesce G, Stilgoe AB, Volpe G, Tkachenko G, Truong VG, Chormaic SN, Kalantarifard F, Elahi P, Käll M, Callegari A, Marqués MI, Neves AAR, Moreira WL, Fontes A, Cesar CL, Saija R, Saidi A, Beck P, Eismann JS, Banzer P, Fernandes TFD, Pedaci
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A Unifying Approach to Distributional Limits for Empirical Optimal Transport

Authors Hundrieser S, Klatt M, Staudt T, Munk A Journal arXiv Citation arXiv:2202.12790. Abstract We provide a unifying approach to central limit type theorems for empirical optimal transport (OT). In general, the limit distributions are characterized as suprema of Gaussian processes. We explicitly characterize when the limit distribution is centered normal
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Empirical Optimal Transport between Different Measures Adapts to Lower Complexity

Authors Hundrieser S, Staudt T, Munk A Journal arXiv Citation arXiv:2202.10434. Abstract The empirical optimal transport (OT) cost between two probability measures from random data is a fundamental quantity in transport based data analysis. In this work, we derive novel guarantees for its convergence rate when the involved measures are
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MRI Reconstruction via Data Driven Markov Chain with Joint Uncertainty Estimation

Authors Luo G, Heide M, Uecker M Journal ArXiv Citation arXiv:2202.01479 Abstract We introduce a framework that enables efficient sampling from learned probability distributions for MRI reconstruction. Different from conventional deep learning-based MRI reconstruction techniques, samples are drawn from the posterior distribution given the measured k-space using the Markov chain
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On the Uniqueness of Kantorovich Potentials

Authors Staudt T, Hundrieser S, Munk A Journal arXiv Citation arXiv:2201.08316. Abstract Kantorovich potentials denote the dual solutions of the renowned optimal transportation problem. Uniqueness of these solutions is relevant from both a theoretical and an algorithmic point of view, and has recently emerged as a necessary condition for asymptotic
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Minimax detection of localized signals in statistical inverse problems

Authors Pohlmann M, Werner F, Munk A Journal arXiv Citation arXiv:2112.05648. Abstract We investigate minimax testing for detecting local signals or linear combinations of such signals when only indirect data is available. Naturally, in the presence of noise, signals that are too small cannot be reliably detected. In a Gaussian
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Optimal transfer functions for bandwidth-limited imaging

Authors Stallinga S, Delon A, Enderlein J Journal arXiv Citation arXiv:2110.04839. Abstract One of the fundamental limits of classical optical microscopy is the diffraction limit of optical resolution. It results from the finite bandwidth of the optical transfer function (or OTF) of an optical microscope, which restricts the maximum spatial
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