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The RNA methyltransferase METTL8 installs m3C32 modifications in mitochondrial tRNAThr/Ser(UCN) to optimise tRNA structure and translation
Kleiber N, Lemus-Diaz N, Siller C, Heinrichs M, Mai MMQ, Hackert P, Richter-Dennerlein R, Höbartner C, Bohnsack KE, Bohnsack MT
Fluorescence lifetime DNA-PAINT for multiplexed super-resolution imaging of cells
Oleksiievets N, Sargsyan Y, Thiele JC, Mougios N, Sograte-Idrissi S, Nevskyi O, Gregor I, Opazo F, Thoms S, Enderlein J, Tsukanov R
Forces, Kinetics, and Fusion Efficiency Altered by the Full-Length Synaptotagmin‑1 -PI(4,5)P2 Interaction in Constrained Geometries
Dietz J, Oelkers M, Hubrich R, Pérez-Lara A, Jahn R, Steinem C, Janshoff A
Defining the interactome of the human mitochondrial ribosome identifies SMIM4 and TMEM223 as respiratory chain assembly factors
Dennerlein S, Poerschke S, Oeljeklaus S, Wang C, Richter-Dennerlein R, Sattmann J, Bauermeister D, Hanitsch E, Stoldt S, Langer T, Jakobs S, Warscheid B, Rehling P
Proteomic mapping of atrial and ventricular heart tissue in patients with aortic valve stenosis
Barbarics B, Eildermann K, Kaderali L, Cyganek L, Plessmann U, Bodemeyer J, Paul T, Ströbel P, Urlaub H, Tirilomis T, Lenz C, Bohnenberger H.
Maintaining mitochondrial ribosome function: The role of ribosome rescue and recycling factors
Nadlera F, Lavdovskaiaa E, Richter-Dennerlein R

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