Huet, Antoine

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25. May 2021
Fast photoswitchable molecular prosthetics control neuronal activity in the cochlea
Garrido-Charles A, Huet AT, Matera C, Thirumalai A, Llebaria A, Moser T, Gorostiza P
7. May 2021
Utility of red-light ultrafast optogenetic stimulation of the auditory pathway
Bali B, Lopez de la Morena D, Mittring A, Mager T, Rankovic V, Huet AT, Moser T
11. March 2021
Developing fast, red-light optogenetic stimulation of spiral ganglion neurons for future optical cochlear implants
Huet AT, Dombrowsik T, Rankovic V, Thirumalai A, Moser T
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