Interdomain Dynamics via Paramagnetic NMR on the Highly Flexible Complex Calmodulin/Munc13-1


Karschin N, Becker S, Griesinger C


Journal of the American Chemical Society


J Am Chem Soc. 2022 Sep 9.


Paramagnetic NMR constraints are very useful to study protein interdomain motion, but their interpretation is not always straightforward. On the example of the particularly flexible complex Calmodulin/Munc13-1, we present a new approach to characterize this motion with pseudocontact shifts and residual dipolar couplings. Using molecular mechanics, we sampled the conformational space of the complex and used a genetic algorithm
to find ensembles that are in agreement with the data. We used the Bayesian information criterion to determine the ideal ensemble size. This way, we were able to make an accurate, unambiguous, reproducible model of the interdomain motion of Calmodulin/Munc13-1 without prior knowledge about the domain orientation from crystallography.


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