"Heart patch" made from stem cells to repair the heart muscle in heart failure enters first clinical trial worldwide. Photo: umg

“Heart patch” made from stem cells enters world’s first clinical trial

First application in humans: The BioVAT-HF-DZHK20 study intends to investigate the use of heart muscle tissue derived from stem cells for treatment of patients with severe heart failure. The incorporation of heart muscle tissue cultivated in the laboratory is intended to sustainably improve the pumping function of diseased hearts. The multicentric clinical trial will start with the recruitment of patients with severe cardiac insufficiency in Göttingen.
Prof. Dr. Wolfram Zimmermann, Director of the Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology at the University Medical Center Göttingen, spokesperson for the DZHK site in Göttingen and MBExC member, is the scientific director of the BioVAT-HF-DZHK20 study.

Link to the UMG press release (in German)