Munk, Axel

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5. May 2021
Transport Dependency: Optimal Transport Based Dependency Measures
Nies TG, Staudt T, Munk A
30. April 2021
Limit Distributions and Sensitivity Analysis for Entropic Optimal Transport on Countable Spaces
Hundrieser S, Klatt M, Munk A
22. April 2021
Multiple Haplotype Reconstruction from Allele Frequency Data
Pelizzola M, Behr M, Li H, Munk A, Futschik A
9. April 2021
Analysis of patchclamp recordings: model-free multiscale methods and software
Pein F, Eltzner B, Munk A
29. March 2021
The Statistics of Circular Optimal Transport
Hundrieser S, Klatt M, Munk A
25. March 2021
Colocalization for super-resolution microscopy via optimal transport
Tameling C, Stoldt S, Stephan T, Naas J, Jakobs S, Munk A
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