Cardiac multiscale bioimaging: from nano- through micro- to mesoscales


Tolstik E, Lehnart SE, Soeller C, Lorenz K, Sacconi L


Trends in Biotechnology


Trends Biotechnol. 2023 Oct 6:S0167-7799(23)00241-X.


Cardiac multiscale bioimaging is an emerging field that aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the heart and its functions at various levels, from the molecular to the entire organ. It combines both physiologically and clinically relevant dimensions: from nano- and micrometer resolution imaging based on vibrational spectroscopy and high-resolution microscopy to assess molecular processes in cardiac cells and myocardial tissue, to mesoscale structural investigations to improve the understanding of cardiac (patho)physiology. Tailored super-resolution deep microscopy with advanced proteomic methods and hands-on experience are thus strategically combined to improve the quality of cardiovascular research and support future medical decision-making by gaining additional biomolecular information for translational and diagnostic applications.


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