Carola Gregor and Antoine Huet are new MBExC Junior Fellows

The Cluster of Excellence “Multiscale Bioimaging” (MBExC) welcomes Dr. Carola Gregor and Dr. Antoine Huet as new Junior Fellows starting in January 2021 for 3 years.
Dr. Carola Gregor will focus with her project Bioluminescence imaging of neurons and cardiomyocytes  on the bioluminescence system from bacteria to develop new tools for biomedical imaging. She sets up her new “Bioluminescence Imaging” group at the IFNANO, Institut für Nanophotonik Göttingen e.V..
Dr. Antoine Huet will work on the project Challenging the neural network of the auditory brainstem with supranatural optogenetic stimulation. He builds up the new “Auditory Circuit” lab at the Institute of Auditory Neuroscience at the University Medical Center Göttingen.

Link to the new MBExC Junior Fellows