Professor Andreas Janshoff and Professor Martin Göpfert, both University of Göttingen. Photo: MBExC/spförtner

Andreas Janshoff and Martin Göpfert received Human Frontier Science Program funds

Researchers at Göttingen University are involved in research projects funded by Human Frontier Science Program.
Biophysicist Professor and MBExC member Andreas Janshoff from the Faculty of Chemistry, together with researchers from the University of Warwick (who lead the project), the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Columbia University will investigate the dormant state and awakening of spores of bacterial and fungal origin.
Neurobiologist Professor and MBExC member Martin Göpfert at the Faculty of Biology and Psychology will conduct research on the evolution of the multifunctionality of proteins, together with colleagues from the University of Leicester (who lead the project), the University of Toronto and Cornell University, New York.
The press release of the University of Göttingen can be found here.