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9. June 2021
Stable but not rigid: Chronic in vivo STED nanoscopy reveals extensive remodeling of spines, indicating multiple drivers of plasticity
Steffens H, Mott AC, Li S, Wegner W, Švehla P, Kan VWY, Wolf F, Liebscher S, Willig KI
7. June 2021
Graphene- and metal-induced energy transfer for single-molecule imaging and live-cell nanoscopy with (sub)-nanometer axial resolution
Ghosh A, Chizhik AI, Karedla N, Enderlein J
4. June 2021
Student/ academic assistant (f/m/d) to study human mitochondrial translation initiation
The Cluster of Excellence „MULTISCALE BIOIMAGING: From Molecular Machines to Networks of Excitable Cells (MBExC)” is searching for a position as Student/ academic assistant (studentische/ wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft) (f/m/d) to study […]
2. June 2021
Transmembrane β-peptide helices as molecular rulers at the membrane surface
Kloos M, Sharma A, Enderlein J, Diederichsen U
1. June 2021
Exploring Heart and Brain together
In the presence of Björn Thümler, Minister of Science and Education of Lower Saxony, the topping out ceremony of the new research building Heart and Brain Center Göttingen (HBCG) took place on Monday, […]
1. June 2021
Multi-label in vivo STED microscopy by parallelized switching of reversibly switchable fluorescent proteins
Willig KI, Wegner W, Müller A, Calvet-Fournier V, Steffens H

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