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Preclinical evidence for the therapeutic value of TBX5 normalization in arrhythmia control
Rathjens FS, Blenkle A, Iyer LM, Renger A, Syeda F, Noack C, Jungmann A, Dewenter M, Toischer K, El-Armouche A, Müller OJ, Fabritz L, Zimmermann WH, Zelarayan LC, Zafeiriou MP
Oct4 primarily controls enhancer activity rather than accessibility
Xiong L, Tolen EA, Choi J, Caizzi L, Adachi K, Lidschreiber M, Cramer P, Schoeler HR
Brain iron enrichment attenuates α-synuclein spreading after injection of preformed fibrils
Joppe KDN, Tatenhorst L, Caldi Gomes L, Zhang S, Parvaz M, Carboni E, Roser AE, El DeBakey H, Bähr M, Vogel-Mikuš K, Ip CW, Becker S, Zweckstetter M, Lingor P
Loss-of-function variants in DNM1 cause a specific form of developmental and epileptic encephalopathy only in biallelic state
Yigit G, Sheffer R, Daana M, Li Y, Kaygusuz E, Mor-Shakad H, Altmüller J, Nürnberg P, Douiev L, Kaulfuss S, Burfeind P, Wollnik B, Brockmann K
A large-scale nanoscopy and biochemistry analysis of postsynaptic dendritic spines
Helm MS, Dankovich TM, Mandad S, Rammer B, Jähne S, Salimi V, Koerbs C, Leibrandt R, Urlaub H, Schikorski T, Rizzoli SO
Ectosomes and exosomes are distinct proteomic entities that modulate spontaneous activity in neuronal cells
Brás IC, Khani MH, Riedel D, Parfentev I, Gerhardt E, van Riesen C, Urlaub H, Gollisch T, Outeiro TF