The safety and benefits of optical cochlear implants are investigated on marmosets before they are tested on humans. Source: Anton Säckl

Talking about animal testing

Adressing an emotional topic with transparency and facts
Animal experiments in research is a topic that is often less about facts and more about emotionally charged opinions. This is also due to the fact that scientists are often reluctant to comment on the subject, if at all. The scientific institutions on the Göttingen Campus have committed themselves to transparency in dealing with animal experiments and report on their research with animals on their websites and at events, among other things. To mark the International Day of Laboratory Animals, Göttingen researchers will be highlighting the importance of animal experiments and answering questions from the public at “Science goes City” on 5 May 2024.
Link to the UMG press release (in German)
Link to the DPZ press release (in German)
Please find here the “Science goes City” website with further information