Left: Concept drawing of combination of optical cochlear implant (oCI) with gene therapy product (top), close-up of waveguide-based oCI prototype for excitation with red light (bottom). Middle: Top view of the cochlea. Optical excitation of the neurons allows specific areas of the cochlea to be targeted for excitation. Right: Cross-section through the cochlea. Source: Keppeler/Moser (UMG)

State of Lower Saxony promotes the preclinical development of the optical cochlear implant

The state of Lower Saxony and the Volkswagen Foundation approve funding for scientists at the UMG and the MBExC Cluster of Excellence of about 1 milion euros of the “SPRUNG” (formerly: “Niedersächsisches Vorab”). The team around Tobias Moser focuses on the development of the optical cochlear implant for the restoration of hearing in humans.

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