Science back in Touch with Society – face-to-face Summer Events 2022

This summer, the MBExC will again be present at several public events to engage and inspire people about its pioneering heart and brain research.


June , 10-12, 2022: Tag der Niedersachsen (Hannover)

The MBExC will present several exhibits to to present its fascinating multiscale heart & brain research and to answer the questions of the public in a vivid way.

On the “Tag der Niedersachsen” (“Day of Lower Saxony”)

With the “Tag der Niedersachsen”, the state celebrates its culture, history and diversity every two years. In addition to presentations by state institutions and the state capital, there will be several themed miles. Sports will present themselves as well as churches and religious communities, youth and tourism. There will also be a technology mile, an information and experience mile and a nature and environment mile.

Link to the homepage of the “Tag der Niedersachsen”


July , 02-10, 2022: IdeenExpo (Hannover)

Research at MBExC provides unique insights into the heart and the nervous system. By developing and using state-of-the-art optical imaging techniques, filigree structures on the nanometer scale can be visualized, up to the creation of three-dimensional representations of complex networks. In the 3D projection platform “Holocube”, MBExC exhibits microscopic images that MBExC scientists work on daily, showing the aesthetics inside the heart and the nervous system. In addition, MBExC presents other exciting exhibits, such as the faithful replica of a STED microscope, a revolutionary microscopy technique for the invention of which MBExC member Stefan Hell was awarded the Nobel Prize.

On the “IdeenExpo”

The IdeenExpo is Europe’s largest youth event for technology and science. The aim of IdeenExpo is to get young people excited about technology and science and to recruit skilled workers for the STEM fields. Especially in the fields of natural sciences, technology, computer science and mathematics, it’s all about tinkering, researching and trying things out. IdeenExpo wants to lower the inhibition thresholds and says: Dare! Just do it!

Link to the homepage of the IdeenExpo 2022


July , 09, 2022: Nacht des Wissens (Göttingen)

Prof. Dr. Tobias Moser (Institute for Auditory Neuroscience), Speaker of the MBExC, will give a talk on “Herz und Hirn gemeinsam erforschen – eine exzellente Strategie” (in German).

Link to the event page of the talk

On the “Nacht des Wissens” („Night of Science“)

The „Nacht des Wissens“ („Night of Science“) is organized by the scientific institutions of the Göttingen Campus, the Universities of Applied Sciences and other science-related institutions. The event is coordinated by the University of Göttingen. There will be setups in the foyers and many open-air activities to communicate science to a broad public.

Link to the homepage of the „Nacht des Wissens“