Roadmap for Optical Tweezers


Volpe G, Maragò OM, Rubinzstein-Dunlop H, Pesce G, Stilgoe AB, Volpe G, Tkachenko G, Truong VG, Chormaic SN, Kalantarifard F, Elahi P, Käll M, Callegari A, Marqués MI, Neves AAR, Moreira WL, Fontes A, Cesar CL, Saija R, Saidi A, Beck P, Eismann JS, Banzer P, Fernandes TFD, Pedaci F, Bowen WP, Vaippully R, Lokesh M, Roy B, Thalhammer-Thurner G, Ritsch-Marte M, Pérez García L, Arzola AV, Pérez Castillo I, Argun A, Muenker TM, Vos BE, Betz T, Cristiani I, Minzioni P, Reece PJ, Wang F, McGloin D, Ndukaife JC, Quidant R, Roberts RP, Laplane C, Volz T, Gordon R, Hanstorp D, Tello Marmolejo J, Bruce GD, Dholakia K, Li T, Brzobohatý O, Simpson SH, Zemánek P, Ritort F, Roichma Y, Bobkova V, Wittkowski R, Denz C, Pavan Kumar GV, Foti A, Donato MG, Gucciardi PG, Gardini L, Bianchi G, Kashchuk AV, Capitanio M, Paterson L, Jones PH, Berg-Sørensen K, Barooji YF, Oddershede LB, Pouladian P, Preece D, Beck Adiels C, De Luca AC, Magazzù A, Bronte Ciriza D, Iatì MA, Swartzlander Jr GA


Journal of Physics: Photonics


J. Phys. Photonics 5 022501.


Optical tweezers are tools made of light that enable contactless pushing, trapping, and manipulation of objects, ranging from atoms to space light sails. Since the pioneering work by Arthur Ashkin in the 1970s, optical tweezers have evolved into sophisticated instruments and have been employed in a broad range of applications in the life sciences, physics, and engineering. These include accurate force and torque measurement at the femtonewton level, microrheology of complex fluids, single micro- and nano-particle spectroscopy, single-cell analysis, and statistical-physics experiments. This roadmap provides insights into current investigations involving optical forces and optical tweezers from their theoretical foundations to designs and setups. It also offers perspectives for applications to a wide range of research fields, from biophysics to space exploration.