From left to right: Jens Finke, Prof. Dr. Wolfram-Hubertus Zimmermann, Prof. Dr. Lorenz Trümper, Stephan Weil, Dr. Gabriele Andretta, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Brück, Prof. Dr. Tobias Moser, Leon Kanwischer, Jürgen Trittin, Valentin Schwarze (Photo: umg/spförtner)

Research, construction, COVID-19: Lower Saxony’s Minister President Stephan Weil visits UMG

Stephan Weil, Minister President of Lower Saxony, visited the University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG) to learn more about the planned UMG constructions, cutting-edge research, and to assess the Corona situation at the UMG and in Lower Saxony. Together with Dr. Gabriele Andretta, Speaker of the State Parliament in Lower Saxony, and Jürgen Trittin, member of the German Parliament, he was welcomed by the UMG board of directors. Stephan Weil was impressed by the pioneering research on optical cochlear implants and on heart patches presented by MBExC members Prof. Dr. Tobias Moser (speaker) and Prof. Dr. Wolfram-Hubertus Zimmermann, respectively. In a conversation with Prof. Dr. Simone Scheithauer, Director of the Institute of Hospital Hygiene and Infectiology, and student representatives, Weil exchanged views on the current and prospective development of the Corona pandemic.

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