Dr. Andrea Markus (MPI-NAT), Prof. Dr. Frauke Alves (UMG and MPI-NAT), and Priv.-Doz. Dr. Christian Dullin (UMG). Photo: umg/spförtner

Real-time diagnostics for clinical use with improved fluorescence imaging

Göttingen researchers, led by MBExC member Frauke Alves (University Medical Center Göttingen and MPI for Multidisciplinary Sciences) are involved in an European project to develop a new generation of fluorescence imaging in the near infrared range. In combination with specific optical probes, the method is to be used for imaging during medical interventions and for monitoring disease stages.

The European Union (EU) is funding the project under the leadership of the Vrije Universieit Brussel in Belgium with funds from the HORIZON-EIC-2021-PATHFINDEROPEN program with a total of 3 million euros for four years. The expertise of the Göttingen scientists is being funded with around 585,000 euros.

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