Two images of the "World of Senses" exhibition 2022: The organ of Corti of the inner ear with outer and inner hair cells (cyan) and some of the synaptically connected neurons that form the afferent auditory nerve (red / white). Image: Christian Vogl, UMG, and Benjamin Cooper, MPI-NAT. (left) Light microscopic 3D reconstruction of a dye-filled neuron (grey) and its dendritic arborizations acquired from the brain of a mouse. Image: Albrecht Sigler and Benjamin Cooper, MPI-NAT. (right)

New „World of Senses” Exhibition 2022

New fascinating images from the “World of Senses” exhibition (part 2) were shown from in the main entrance hall of the University Medical Center Göttingen from the end of June to the end of August 2022.

Here you find the UMG clip about the current exhibition:

For the second time the exhibition provided special insights into the wonderful world of senses at the cellular level of sensory cells and neurons from an artistic perspective. The displayed images have been acquired with different microscopic techniques like surgical and fluorescence microscopy and are results of the daily work of the scientists at CRC889.