EMIM 2021 Opening Session with Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Brück, Björn Thümler, Prof. Dr. Frauke Alves and Prof. Dr. Metin Tolan Photo: M. Weilandt

Joint session of MBExC and iFIT at EMIM 2021

The MBExC presented research highlights at the EMIM 2021 within a shared session with the Cluster of Excellence iFIT at the EMIM2021 symposium. MBExC member Prof. Dr. Frauke Alves has brought this exciting symposium to Göttingen as the acting president of the European Society for Molecular Imaging (ESMI), which was opened on Tuesday by the Nds Minister for Science and Culture Björn Thümler, University president Prof. Dr. Metin Tolan, and UMG Dean Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Brück. In the session “Multiscale Bioimaging” the speakers Rubén-Fernández-Busnadiego, Carola Gregor, Anupriya Thirumalai, Tabea Quilitz (MBExC) and Bettina Weigelin, André Martins, Johannes Schwenk (iFIT) gave exciting insight into the great research of the two Clusters of Excellence spanning from the molecular to the organ level and showcasing the translational potential for clinical application.

Anupriya Thirumalai and Tabea Quilitz (MBExC) present research highlights at the joint session of MBExC and iFIT at EMIM2021
Photo: MBExC