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june, 2024

202418jun4:00 PM5:00 PMMicroscopy Club LectureShining light on single particles: from high time resolution to high throughput4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Institut für Nanophotonik (IFNANO), Hans-Adolf-Krebs Weg 1, 37077 GöttingenSpeaker:Dr. Joseph Beckwith, Cambridge University, UK

Event Details

Host: Alexander Egner (IFNANO), MBExC
Local organizers: Alexander Egner (IFNANO) & Jörg Enderlein (U GOE)

Speaker: Dr. Joseph Beckwith, Department of Chemistry, Cambridge University, UK

Title: Shining light on single particles: from high time resolution to high throughput

Chemical and biophysical dynamics increasingly need high time resolution and high throughput to answer questions relevant to chemistry and biology. I will present two investigations aimed at improving our ability to do this. First, an investigation into how solvent can affect charge transfer, which we studied using bulk solution-phase transient electronic spectroscopy. First, an investigation in which we show an experiment that measures a single particle’s 3D translation with a time resolution of 10 μs and a spatial resolution of ~50 nm in all 3 directions, and measures 3D orientation with 250 μs time resolution. This investigation also naturally opens up investigation into biophysical phenomena, which occur in complex environments on similar timescales. Then, I will discuss recent work on extracting a larger amounts of information from images of “messy” systems, particularly of importance in the realm of tissue imaging and experiments such as FISH. I will close with a vision of future work to enable the spectroscopic interrogation of any non-fluorescent single molecule or nanoparticle as it freely moves in solution.

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