Prof. Dr. Claus Ropers / Foto: spförtner

ERC Advanced Grant for MBExC member Claus Ropers

MBExC member Claus Ropers, professor at the Physics department at Göttingen University and director of the Department of Ultrafast Dynamics at the Max Planck Institute for Multidisciplinary Sciences, receives the prestigious Advanced Grant from the European Commission for his innovative research project.

With the ERC funding, Ropers’ team wants to use short pulses of low-energy electrons to take snapshots of the momentary state of a surface. Using a specific measuring technique, a dynamical process is started with a laser pulse and recorded after a defined time. The sample then returns to its initial state. If many such recordings are put together with varying intervals between the laser and electron pulses, complex processes can be “filmed” and analyzed in a manner analogous to stop-motion film technology.

Link to the MPI-Nat press release