Defective COX1 expression in aging mice liver


Witte S, Boshnakovska A, Özdemir M, Chowdhury A, Rehling P, Aich A


Biology Open


Biol Open. 2023 Mar 15;12(3):bio059844.


Mitochondrial defects are associated with aging processes and age-related diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases and cancer. In addition, some recent studies suggest mild mitochondrial dysfunctions appear to be associated with longer lifespans. In this context, liver tissue is considered to be largely resilient to aging and mitochondrial dysfunction. Yet, in recent years studies report dysregulation of mitochondrial function and nutrient sensing pathways in ageing livers. Therefore, we analyzed the effects of the aging process on mitochondrial gene expression in liver using wildtype C57BL/6N mice. In our analyses, we observed alteration in mitochondrial energy metabolism with age. To assess if defects in mitochondrial gene expression are linked to this decline, we applied a Nanopore sequencing based approach for mitochondrial transcriptomics. Our analyses show that a decrease of the Cox1 transcript correlates with reduced respiratory complex IV activity in older mice livers.


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