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15. November 2018
The codon sequences predict protein lifetimes and other parameters of the protein life cycle in the mouse brain
Mandad S, Rahman RU, Centeno TP, Vidal RO, Wildhagen H, Rammner B, Keihani S, Opazo F, Urban I, Ischebeck T, Kirli K, Benito E, Fischer A, Yousefi RY, Dennerlein S, Rehling P, Feussner I, Urlaub H, Bonn S, Rizzoli SO, Fornasiero EF
7. Oktober 2019
Dynamic instability of clathrin assembly provides proofreading control for endocytosis
Chen Y, Yong J, Martinez-Sanchez A, Yang Y, Wu Y, De Camilli P, Fernandez-Busnadiego R, Wu M
18. November 2019
Tricalbin-Mediated Contact Sites Control ER Curvature to Maintain Plasma Membrane Integrity
Collado J, Kalemanov M, Campelo F, Bourgoint C, Thomas F, Loewith R, Martinez-Sanchez A, Baumeister W, Stefan CJ, Fernandez-Busnadiego R
29. Dezember 2019
Amyloid-like aggregates cause lysosomal defects in neurons via gain-of-function toxicity
Schaefer T, Riera-Tur I, Hornburg D, Mishra A, Fernández-Mosquera L, Raimundo N, Mann M, Baumeister W, Klein R, Meissner F, Fernández-Busnadiego R, Dudanova I
7. Februar 2020
Stress- And Ubiquitylation-Dependent Phase Separation Of The Proteasome
Yasuda S, Tsuchiya H, Kaiho A, Guo Q, Ikeuchi K, Endo A, Arai N, Ohtake F, Murata S, Inada T, Baumeister W, Fernandez-Busnadiego R, Tanaka K, Saeki Y
22. Juni 2020
MICOS assembly controls mitochondrial inner membrane remodeling and crista junction redistribution to mediate cristae formation
Stephan T, Bruser C, Deckers M, Steyer M, Balzarotti F, Barbot M, Behr TS, Heim G, Hubner W, Ilgen P, Lange F, Pacheu-Grau D, Pape JK, Stoldt S, Huser T, Hell SW, Mobius W, Rehling P, Riedel D, Jakobs S
20. Juli 2020
Novel Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Methods for the Examination of Metabolic Effects at the Cellular and Subcellular Levels
Bonnin EA, Rizzoli SO
10. August 2020
Reliable estimation of membrane curvature for cryo-electron tomography
Salfer M, Collado JF, Baumeister W, Fernández-Busnadiego R, Martínez-Sánchez A
2. Oktober 2020
Quantitative Synaptic Biology: A Perspective on Techniques, Numbers and Expectations
Reshetniak S, Fernández-Busnadiego R, Müller M, Rizzoli SO, Tetzlaff C
1. Dezember 2020
Investigating the Structure of Neurotoxic Protein Aggregates Inside Cells
Bäuerlein FJB, Fernandez-Busnadiego R, Baumeister W

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