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1. June 2021
Multi-label in vivo STED microscopy by parallelized switching of reversibly switchable fluorescent proteins
Willig KI, Wegner W, Müller A, Calvet-Fournier V, Steffens H
29. May 2021
LC-MS Based Platform Simplifies Access to Metabolomics for Peroxisomal Disorders
Klemp HG, Kettwig M, Streit F, Gärtner J, Rosewich H, Krätzner R
28. May 2021
Ruler elements in chromatin remodelers set nucleosome array spacing and phasing
Oberbeckmann E, Niebauer V, Watanabe S, Farnung L, Moldt M, Schmid A, Cramer P, Peterson CL, Eustermann S, Hopfner KP, Korber P
27. May 2021
Pore-Spanning Plasma Membranes Derived from Giant Plasma Membrane Vesicles
Teiwes NK, Mey I, Baumann PC, Strieker L, Unkelbach U, Steinem C
14. May 2021
Insights into the molecular mechanism of amyloid filament formation: Segmental folding of α-synuclein on lipid membranes
Antonschmidt L, Dervişoğlu R, Sant V, Movellan KT, Mey I, Riedel D, Steinem C, Becker S, Andreas LB, Griesinger C
10. May 2021
Physics-based reconstruction methods for magnetic resonance imaging
Wang X, Tan Z, Scholand N, Roeloffs V, Uecker M
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