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1. April 2020
Tissue engineered heart repair from preclinical models to first-in-patient studies
Zimmermann WH
7. April 2020
Kinetics of Loop Closure in Disordered Proteins: Theory vs Simulations vs Experiments
Satija R, Das A, Mühle S, Enderlein J, Makarov DE
7. April 2020
Towards the optical cochlear implant: optogenetic approaches for hearing restoration
Dieter A, Keppeler D, Moser T
8. April 2020
Challenges to heart repair with pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes
Zimmermann WH
22. April 2020
Nucleosome-bound SOX2 and SOX11 structures elucidate pioneer factor function
Dodonova SO, Zhu F, Dienemann C, Taipale J, Cramer P
22. April 2020
A Transcriptome Analysis Identifies Potential Preventive and Therapeutic Approaches Towards COVID-19
Islam MR, Fischer A
24. April 2020
A cross-linking mass spectrometry approach defines protein interactions in yeast mitochondria
Linden A, Deckers M, Parfentev I, Pflanz R, Homberg B, Neumann P, Ficner R, Rehling P, Urlaub H
30. April 2020
Wide-Field Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging of Single Molecules
Oleksiievets N, Thiele JC, Weber A, Gregor I, Nevskyi O, Isbaner S, Tsukanov R, Enderlein J
2. Mai 2020
Extracellular Vesicles Derived From Neural Progenitor Cells–a Preclinical Evaluation for Stroke Treatment in Mice
Zheng X, Zhang L, Kuang Y, Venkataramani V, Jin F, Hein K, Zafeiriou MP, Lenz C, Moebius W, Kilic E, Hermann DM, Weber MS, Urlaub H, Zimmermann WH, Bähr M, Doeppner TR 
5. Mai 2020
Testing for dependence on tree structures
Behr M, Ansari MA, Munk A , Holmes C

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