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Molecular contribution function in RESOLFT nanoscopy
Frahm L, Keller-Findeisen J, Alt P, Schnorrenberg S, Del Alamo Ruiz M, Aspelmeier T, Munk A, Jakobs S, Hell SW
Modeling Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy through an aberrating sphere
Ruhlandt D, Katti A, Derouard J, Delon A, Enderlein J
Depopulation of dense alpha-synuclein aggregates is associated with rescue of dopamine neuron dysfunction and death in a new Parkinson’s disease model
Wegrzynowicz, M.Bar-On D, Calo L, Anichtchik O, Iovino M, Xia J, Ryazanov S, Leonov A, Giese A, Dalley JW, Griesinger C, Ashery U, Spillantini MG
Frame-constrained Total Variation Regularization for White Noise Regression
del Álamo M, Li H, Munk A
High-resolution experimental and computational electrophysiology reveals weak beta-lactam binding events in the porin PorB
Bartsch A, Llabres S, Pein F, Kattner C, Schon M, Diehn M, Tanabe M, Munk A, Zachariae U, Steinem C
A dual-AAV approach restores fast exocytosis and partially rescues auditory function in deaf otoferlin knock-out mice
Al-Moyed H, Cepeda A P, Jung S, Moser T, Kugler S, Reisinger E
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