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22. April 2020
Nucleosome-bound SOX2 and SOX11 structures elucidate pioneer factor function
Dodonova SO, Zhu F, Dienemann C, Taipale J, Cramer P
8. April 2020
Challenges to heart repair with pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes
Zimmermann WH
7. April 2020
Towards the optical cochlear implant: optogenetic approaches for hearing restoration
Dieter A, Keppeler D, Moser T
7. April 2020
Kinetics of Loop Closure in Disordered Proteins: Theory vs Simulations vs Experiments
Satija R, Das A, Mühle S, Enderlein J, Makarov DE
1. April 2020
Tissue engineered heart repair from preclinical models to first-in-patient studies
Zimmermann WH
25. March 2020
Human RAD50 deficiency: Confirmation of a distinctive phenotype
Ragamin A, Yigit G, Bousset K, Beleggia F, Verheijen FW, de Wit MCY, Strom TM, Dörk T, Wollnik B, Mancini GMS
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