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6. May 2020
Vesicle adhesion in the electrostatic strong- coupling regime studied by time-resolved small-angle X-ray scattering
Komorowski K, Schaeper J, Sztucki M, Sharpnack L, Brehm G, Köster S, Salditt T
6. May 2020
Light Microscopy of Mitochondria at the Nanoscale
Jakobs S, Stephan T, Ilgen P, Brüser C
5. May 2020
Testing for dependence on tree structures
Behr M, Ansari MA, Munk A , Holmes C
30. April 2020
Wide-Field Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging of Single Molecules
Oleksiievets N, Thiele JC, Weber A, Gregor I, Nevskyi O, Isbaner S, Tsukanov R, Enderlein J
24. April 2020
A cross-linking mass spectrometry approach defines protein interactions in yeast mitochondria
Linden A, Deckers M, Parfentev I, Pflanz R, Homberg B, Neumann P, Ficner R, Rehling P, Urlaub H
22. April 2020
A Transcriptome Analysis Identifies Potential Preventive and Therapeutic Approaches Towards COVID-19
Islam MR, Fischer A
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