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10. März 2021
Analyzing cross-talk between superimposed signals: Vector norm dependent hidden Markov models and applications
Vanegas LJ, Eltzner B, Rudolf D, Dura M, Lehnart SE, Munk A
11. März 2021
Developing fast, red-light optogenetic stimulation of spiral ganglion neurons for future optical cochlear implants
Huet AT, Dombrowsik T, Rankovic V, Thirumalai A, Moser T
12. März 2021
Structure of human Mediator-RNA polymerase II transcription pre-initiation complex
Rengachari S, Schilbach S, Aibara S, Dienemann C, Cramer P
15. März 2021
Non-negative Matrix Factorization as a Tool to Distinguish Between Synaptic Vesicles in Different Functional States
Neher E, Taschenberger H
16. März 2021
Presynaptic activity and protein turnover are correlated at the single-synapse level
Jähne S, Mikulasch F, Heuer HGH, Truckenbrodt S, Agüi-Gonzalez P, Grewe K, Vogts A, Rizzoli SO, Priesemann V
16. März 2021
Gel-like inclusions of C-terminal fragments of TDP-43 sequester and inhibit proteasomes in neurons
Riemenschneider H, Guo Q, Bader J, Frottin F, Farny D, Kleinberger G, Haass C, Mann M, Hartl FU, Baumeister W, Hipp MS, Meissner F, Fernandez-Busnadiego R, Edbauer D
17. März 2021
MPV17 Mutations Are Associated With a Quiescent Energetic Metabolic Profile
Jacinto S, Guerreiro P, de Oliveira RM, Cunha-Oliveira T, Santos MJ, Grazina M, Rego AC, Outeiro TF
18. März 2021
Structural basis of GTPase-mediated mitochondrial ribosome biogenesis and recycling
Hillen HS, Lavdovskaia E, Nadler F, Hanitsch E, Linden A, Bohnsack KE, Urlaub H, Richter-Dennerlein R
18. März 2021
Sequence determinants of human gene regulatory elements
Sahu B, Hartonen T, Pihlajamaa P, Wie B, Dave K, Zhu F, Kaasinen E, Lidschreiber K, Lidschreiber M, Daub CO, Cramer P, Kivioja T, Taipale J
20. März 2021
RIM-Binding Protein 2 organizes Ca2+channel topography and regulates release probability and vesicle replenishment at a fast central synapse
Butola T, Alvanos T, Hintze A, Koppensteiner P, Kleindienst D, Shigemoto R, Wichmann C, Moser T

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