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8. March 2021
Network-driven discovery yields new insight into Shox2-dependent cardiac rhythm control
Hoffmann S, Schmitteckert S, Raedecke K, Rheinert D, Diebold S, Roeth R, Weiss B, Granzow M, Niesler B, Griesbeck A, Eckstein V, Zimmermann WH, Just S, Rappold GA
8. March 2021
The vesicle cluster as a major organizer of synaptic composition in the short-term and long-term
Reshetniak S, Rizzoli SO
3. March 2021
An antibiotic-resistance conferring mutation in a neisserial porin: Structure, ion flux, and ampicillin binding
Bartsch A, Ives CM, Kattner C, Pein F, Diehn M, Tanabe M, Munk A, Zachariae U, Steinem C, Llabrés S
1. March 2021
Doxycycline interferes with tau amyloid aggregation abolishing its associated neuronal toxicity
Medina L, González-Lizárraga F, Dominguez-Meijide A, Ploper D, Parrales V, Sequeira S, Cima-Omori MS, Zweckstetter M, Del Bel E, Michel PP, Outeiro TF, Raisman-Vozari R, Chehín R, Socias SB
1. March 2021
Molecular and cellular dynamics of the 26S proteasome
Sakata E, Eisele MR, Baumeister W
24. February 2021
Emerging concepts in synucleinopathies
Outeiro TF
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