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6. August 2020
RAB39B is redistributed in dementia with Lewy bodies and is sequestered within aβ plaques and Lewy bodies
Koss DJ, Bondarevaite O, Adams S, Leite M, Giorgini F, Attems J, Outeiro TF
7. August 2020
SETD1B controls cognitive function via cell type specific regulation of neuronal identity genes
Michurina A, Sakib S, Kerimoglu C, Krüger DM, Kaurani L, Islam R, Pena Centeno T, Cha J, Xu X, Zeisberg EM, Kranz A, Stewart FA, Fischer A
7. August 2020
In situ architecture of neuronal α-Synuclein inclusions
Trinkaus VA, Riera-Tur I, Martínez-Sánchez A, Bäuerlein FJB, Guo Q, Arzberger T, Baumeister W, Dudanova I, Hipp MS, Hartl FU, Fernández-Busnadiego R
10. August 2020
Preclinical evidence for the therapeutic value of TBX5 normalization in arrhythmia control
Rathjens FS, Blenkle A, Iyer LM, Renger A, Syeda F, Noack C, Jungmann A, Dewenter M, Toischer K, El-Armouche A, Müller OJ, Fabritz L, Zimmermann WH, Zelarayan LC, Zafeiriou MP
10. August 2020
Reliable estimation of membrane curvature for cryo-electron tomography
Salfer M, Collado JF, Baumeister W, Fernández-Busnadiego R, Martínez-Sánchez A
10. August 2020
The Role of Alpha-Synuclein and Other Parkinson’s Genes in Neurodevelopmental and Neurodegenerative Disorders
Morato Torres CA, Wassouf Z, Zafar F, Sastre D, Outeiro TF, Schüle B
11. August 2020
Multicolor 3D MINFLUX nanoscopy of mitochondrial MICOS proteins
Pape JK, Stephan T, Balzarotti F, Büchner R, Lange F, Riedel D, Jakobs S, Hell SW
18. August 2020
3D virtual histology of human pancreatic tissue by multiscale phase-contrast X-ray tomography
Frohn J, Pinkert-Leetsch D, Missbach-Güntner J, Reichardt M, Osterhoff M, Alves F, Salditt T
20. August 2020
3d Virtual Pathohistology of Lung Tissue from Covid-19 Patients based on Phase Contrast X-ray Tomography
Eckermann M, Frohn J, Reichardt M, Osterhoff M, Sprung M, Westermeier F, Tzankov A, Werlein C, Kuehnel M, Jonigk D, Salditt T
20. August 2020
Rosalind Franklin and the Advent of Molecular Biology
Cramer P

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