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15. April 2021
Folding of VemP into translation-arresting secondary structure is driven by the ribosome exit tunnel
Kolar MH, Nagy G, Kunkel J, Vaiana SM, Bock LV, Grubmüller H
14. April 2021
Cryo-electron tomography of native Drosophila tissues vitrified by plunge freezing
Baeuerlein FJB, Pastor-Pareja JC, Fernandez-Busnadiego R
14. April 2021
In situ architecture of neuronal α-Synuclein inclusions
Trinkaus VA, Riera-Tur I, Martínez-Sánchez A, Bäuerlein FJB, Guo Q, Arzberger T, Baumeister W, Dudanova I, Hipp MS, Hartl FU, Fernández-Busnadiego R
12. April 2021
Structural basis of nucleosome transcription mediated by Chd1 and FACT
Farnung L, Ochmann M, Engeholm M, Cramer P
12. April 2021
Identification of Two Novel Peptides That Inhibit α-Synuclein Toxicity and Aggregation
Popova B, Wang D, Rajavel A, Dhamotharan K, Lázaro DF, Gerke J, Uhrig JF, Hoppert M, Outeiro TF, Braus GH
9. April 2021
Analysis of patchclamp recordings: model-free multiscale methods and software
Pein F, Eltzner B, Munk A
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