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15. Mai 2020
What is resolution? A statistical minimax testing perspective on super-resolution microscopy
Kulaitis G, Munk A, Werner F
18. Mai 2020
De novo mutations in FBRSL1 cause a novel recognizable malformation and intellectual disability syndrome
Ufartes R, Berger H, Till K, Salinas G, Sturm M, Altmuller J, Nurnberg P, Thiele H, Funke R, Apeshiotis N, Langen H, Wollnik B, Borchers A, Pauli S
19. Mai 2020
Tomographic STED microscopy
Krüger JR, Keller-Findeisen J, Geisler C, Egner A
19. Mai 2020
19th Annual Meeting of the Safety Pharmacology Society: Regulatory and Safety Perspectives for Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (Cellular and Gene Therapy Products)
Cavero I, Seimetz D, Koziel D, Zimmermann WH, Holzgrefe HH,
21. Mai 2020
Structure of replicating SARS-CoV-2 polymerase
Hillen HS, Kokic G, Farnung L, Dienemann C, Tegunov D, Cramer P
27. Mai 2020
Hearing restoration by a low-weight power-efficient multichannel optogenetic cochlear implant system
Jablonski L, Harczos T, Wolf B, Hoch G, Dieter A, Hessler R, Ayub S, Ruther P, Moser T
28. Mai 2020
NETT: solving inverse problems with deep neuralnetworks
Li H, Schwab J, Antholzer S, Haltmeier M
1. Juni 2020
A second cohort of CHD3 patients expands the molecular mechanisms known to cause Snijders Blok-Campeau syndrome
Drivas TG, Li D, Nair D, Alaimo JT, Alders M, Altmuller J, Barakat TS, Bebin EM, Bertsch NL, Blackburn PR, Blesson A, Bouman AM, Brockmann K, Brunelle P, Burmeister M, Cooper GM, Denecke J, ... Wollnik B, et al.
1. Juni 2020
A Nanobody-Based Fluorescent Reporter Reveals Human α-Synuclein in the Cell Cytosol
Gerdes C, Waal N, Offner T, Fornasiero EF, Wender N, Verbarg H, Manzini I, Trenkwalder C, Mollenhauer B, Strohäker T, Zweckstetter M, Becker S, Rizzoli SO, Basmanav FB, Opazo F
2. Juni 2020
The essential histogram
Li H, Munk A, Sieling H, Walther G

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