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5. Februar 2018
Anle138b modulates alpha-synuclein oligomerization and prevents motor decline and neurodegeneration in a mouse model of multiple system atrophy
Heras-Garvin A, Weckbecker D, Ryazanov S, Leonov A, Griesinger C, Giese A, Wenning GK, Stefanova N
16. November 2020
From iPS Cells to Rodents and Nonhuman Primates: Filling Gaps in Modeling Parkinson’s Disease
Outeiro TF, Heutink P, Bezard E, Cenci AM
21. Dezember 2020
Cancer and Parkinson’s Disease: Common Targets, Emerging Hopes
Filippou PS, Outeiro TF
3. Mai 2021
Dysfunction of RAB39B-Mediated Vesicular Trafficking in Lewy Body Diseases
Koss DJ, Campesan S, Giorgini F, Outeiro TF

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