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1. Oktober 2019
Contrast enhancement for visualizing neuronal cytoarchitecture by propagation-based x-ray phase-contrast tomography
Töpperwien M, Markus A, Alves F, Salditt T
6. Januar 2020
Phase-contrast x-ray tomography of neuronal tissue at laboratory sources with submicron resolution
Eckermann M, Topperwien M, Robisch AL, van der Meer F, Stadelmann C, Salditt T
11. Januar 2020
Correlative x-ray phase-contrast tomography and histology of human braintissue affected by Alzheimer’s disease
Töpperwien M, van der Meer F, Stadelmann-Nessler C, Salditt T
6. Februar 2020
Nanoscale x-ray holotomography of human brain tissue with phase retrieval based on multienergy recordings
Robisch AL, Eckermann M, Topperwien M, van der Meer F, Stadelmann C, Salditt T
4. März 2020
Fiber orientation in a whole mouse heart reconstructed by laboratory phase-contrast micro-CT
Reichardt M, Topperwien M, Khan A, Alves F, Salditt T
18. März 2020
Multi-Scale X-Ray Phase-Contrast Tomography Of Murine Heart Tissue
Reichardt M, Frohn J, Khan A, Alves F, Salditt T
23. März 2020
Elemental quantification and analysis of structural abnormalities in neurons from Parkinson’s-diseased brains by X-ray fluorescence microscopy and diffraction
Joppe K, Nicolas JD, Grünewald TA, Eckermann M, Salditt T, Lingor P
6. Mai 2020
Vesicle adhesion in the electrostatic strong- coupling regime studied by time-resolved small-angle X-ray scattering
Komorowski K, Schaeper J, Sztucki M, Sharpnack L, Brehm G, Köster S, Salditt T
18. August 2020
3D virtual histology of human pancreatic tissue by multiscale phase-contrast X-ray tomography
Frohn J, Pinkert-Leetsch D, Missbach-Güntner J, Reichardt M, Osterhoff M, Alves F, Salditt T
20. August 2020
3d Virtual Pathohistology of Lung Tissue from Covid-19 Patients based on Phase Contrast X-ray Tomography
Eckermann M, Frohn J, Reichardt M, Osterhoff M, Sprung M, Westermeier F, Tzankov A, Werlein C, Kuehnel M, Jonigk D, Salditt T

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