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7. May 2021
Parental genome unification is highly erroneous in mammalian embryos
Cavazza T, Takeda Y, Politi AZ, Aushev M, Aldag P, Baker C, Choudhary M, Bucevičius J, Lukinavičius G, Elder K, Blayney M, Lucas-Hahn A, Niemann H, Herbert M, Schuh M
3. May 2021
Dysfunction of RAB39B-Mediated Vesicular Trafficking in Lewy Body Diseases
Koss DJ, Campesan S, Giorgini F, Outeiro TF
22. March 2021
Origins and mechanisms leading to aneuploidy in human eggs
Wartosch L, Schindler K, Schuh M, Gruhn JR, Hoffmann ER, McCoy RC, Xing J
17. March 2021
MPV17 Mutations Are Associated With a Quiescent Energetic Metabolic Profile
Jacinto S, Guerreiro P, de Oliveira RM, Cunha-Oliveira T, Santos MJ, Grazina M, Rego AC, Outeiro TF
1. March 2021
Doxycycline interferes with tau amyloid aggregation abolishing its associated neuronal toxicity
Medina L, González-Lizárraga F, Dominguez-Meijide A, Ploper D, Parrales V, Sequeira S, Cima-Omori MS, Zweckstetter M, Del Bel E, Michel PP, Outeiro TF, Raisman-Vozari R, Chehín R, Socias SB
24. February 2021
Emerging concepts in synucleinopathies
Outeiro TF

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