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IDH3γ serves as a redox switch that regulates mitochondrial energy metabolism and contractility in the heart under oxidative stress

Authors Nanadikar M, Vergel Leon A, Guo J, van Belle G, Jatho A, Brandner A, Böckmann R, Rhunzu S, Brodesser S, Schmidthendorf M, Lee Jingyun, Wu H, Furdui C, Burgoyne J, Bogeski I, Riemer J, Chowdhury A, Rehling P, Brügmann T, Belousov V, Katschinski D Journal Research Square Citation Research
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A Water-Soluble Manganese(II) Octanediaoate/Phenanthroline Complex Acts as an Antioxidant and Attenuates Alpha-Synuclein Toxicity

Authors Dias Queiroz D, Ribeiro TP, Gonçalves JM, Mattos LMM, Gerhardt E, Freitas J, Palhano FL, Frases S, Pinheiro AS, McCann M, Knox A, Devereux M, Outeiro TF, Pereira MD Journal Research Square Citation Research Square 2022. Preprint. Abstract The overproduction of reactive oxygen species (ROS) induces oxidative stress, a
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