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Cholesterol-Induced Nanoscale Variations in the Thickness of Phospholipid Membranes

Authors Chen T, Ghosh A, Enderlein J Journal Nano Letters Citation Nano Lett. 2023 Jan 27. Abstract Graphene-induced energy transfer (GIET) is a recently developed fluorescence-spectroscopic technique that achieves subnanometric optical localization of fluorophores along the optical axis of a microscope. GIET is based on the near-field energy transfer from
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Single-Molecule Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Using Wide-Field and Confocal-Laser Scanning Microscopy: A Comparative Analysis

Authors Oleksiievets N, Mathew C, Thiele JC, Gallea J, Nevskyi O, Gregor I, Weber A, Tsukanov R, Enderlein J Journal Nano Letters Citation Nano Lett. 2022. Abstract A recent addition to the toolbox of super-resolution microscopy methods is fluorescence-lifetime single-molecule localization microscopy (FL-SMLM). The synergy of SMLM and fluorescence-lifetime imaging
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Forces, Kinetics, and Fusion Efficiency Altered by the Full-Length Synaptotagmin‑1 -PI(4,5)P2 Interaction in Constrained Geometries

Authors Dietz J, Oelkers M, Hubrich R, Pérez-Lara A, Jahn R, Steinem C, Janshoff A Journal Nano Letters Citation Nano Lett. 2022, Jan 4 Abstract A mechanism for full-length synaptotagmin-1 (syt-1) to interact with anionic bilayers and to promote fusion in the presence of SNAREs is proposed. Colloidal probe force
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Mapping Activity-Dependent Quasi-Stationary States of Mitochondrial Membranes with Graphene-Induced Energy Transfer Imaging

Authors Raja SO, Chizhik AI, Schmidt CF, Enderlein J, Ghosh A Journal Nano Letters Citation Nano Lett. 2021, 21, 8244−8249 Abstract Graphene-induced energy transfer (GIET) was recently introduced for sub-nanometric axial localization of fluorescent molecules. GIET relies on near-field energy transfer from an optically excited fluorophore to a single sheet
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