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Artificial peptides to induce membrane denaturation and disruption and modulate membrane composition and fusion

Authors Lāce I, Cotroneo ER, Hesselbarth N, Simeth NA Journal Journal of Peptide Science Citation J Pept Sci. 2022 Dec 7:e3466. Abstract Membranes consisting of phospholipid bilayers are an essential constituent of eukaryotic cells and their compartments. The alteration of their composition, structure and morphology plays an important role in
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Transmembrane β-peptide helices as molecular rulers at the membrane surface

Authors Kloos M, Sharma A, Enderlein J, Diederichsen U Journal Journal of Peptide Science Citation J Pept Sci. 2021 Jun 2:e3355. Abstract β-Peptides are known to form 14-helices with high conformational rigidity, helical persistence length, and well-defined spacing and orientation regularity of amino acid side chains. Therefore, β-peptides are well
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