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Patient perspectives on the need for improved hearing rehabilitation: A qualitative survey study of German cochlear implant users

Authors Hunniford V, Kühler R, Wolf B, Keppeler D, Strenzke N, Moser T Journal Frontiers in Neuroscience Citation Front. Neurosci. 17:1105562. Abstract Background The electrical cochlear implant (eCI) partially restores hearing in individuals affected by profound hearing impairment (HI) or deafness. However, the limited resolution of sound frequency coding with
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Low-Expressing Synucleinopathy Mouse Models Based on Oligomer-Forming Mutations and C-Terminal Truncation of α-Synuclein

Authors Martinez Hernandez A, Silbern I, Geffers I, Tatenhorst L, Becker S, Urlaub H, Zweckstetter M, Griesinger C, Eichele G Journal Frontiers in Neuroscience Citation Front Neurosci. 2021 Jun 17;15:643391. Abstract α-synuclein (αSyn) is the main protein component of Lewy bodies, intracellular inclusions found in the brain of Parkinson’s disease
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