Schuh, Melina

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7. May 2021
Parental genome unification is highly erroneous in mammalian embryos
Cavazza T, Takeda Y, Politi AZ, Aushev M, Aldag P, Baker C, Choudhary M, Bucevičius J, Lukinavičius G, Elder K, Blayney M, Lucas-Hahn A, Niemann H, Herbert M, Schuh M
22. March 2021
Origins and mechanisms leading to aneuploidy in human eggs
Wartosch L, Schindler K, Schuh M, Gruhn JR, Hoffmann ER, McCoy RC, Xing J
5. February 2021
Two mechanisms drive pronuclear migration in mouse zygotes
Scheffler K, Uraji J, Jentoft I, Cavazza T, Mönnich E, Mogessie B, Schuh M
15. January 2021
Aneuploidy in human eggs: contributions of the meiotic spindle
Thomas C, Cavazza T, Schuh M
14. January 2021
Phase Separation during Germline Development
So C, Cheng S, Schuh M

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