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Intracellular softening and increased viscoelastic fluidity during division
Hurst S, Vos BE, Brandt M, Betz T
An in vitro system to silence mitochondrial gene expression
Cruz-Zaragoza LD, Dennerlein S, Linden A, Yousefi R, Lavdovskaia E, Aich A, Falk RR, Gomkale R, Schöndorf T, Bohnsack MT, Richter-Dennerlein R, Urlaub H, Rehling P
Optimal transfer functions for bandwidth-limited imaging
Stallinga S, Delon A, Enderlein J
Exercise as a model to identify microRNAs linked to human cognition: a role for microRNA-409 and microRNA-501
Goldberg M, Islam MR, Kerimoglu C, Lancelin C, Gisa V, Burkhardt S, Krüger DM, Marquardt T, Malchow B, Schmitt A, Falkai P, Sananbenesi F, Fischer A
Hierarchical folding of the catalytic core during mitochondrial ribosome biogenesis
Lavdovskaia E, Hillen HS, Richter-Dennerlein R
The MBExC welcomes Jun.-Prof. Dr. Nadja Simeth
Chemist Nadja Simeth just started building-up her own junior research group for Molecular Labeling Chemistry at the University of Göttingen. The expert in the field of organic chemistry and photochemistry […]
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