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1. Mai 2021
Rapid multi-plane phase-contrast microscopy reveals torsional dynamics in flagellar motion
Mojiri S, Isbaner S, Mühle S, Jang H, Bae AJ, Gregor I, Golami A, Enderlein J
30. April 2021
Cerebral Dopamine Neurotrophic Factor Reduces α-Synuclein Aggregation and Propagation and Alleviates Behavioural Alterations in vivo
Albert K, Raymundo DP, Panhelainen A, Eesmaa A, Shvachiy L, Araújo GR, Chmielarz P, Yan X, Singh A, Cordeiro Y, Palhano FL, Foguel D, Luk KC, Domanskyi A, Voutilainen MH, Huttunen HJ, Outeiro TF, Saarma M, Almeida MS, Airavaara M
29. April 2021
The Cdk8 kinase module regulates interaction of the Mediator complex with RNA polymerase II
Osman S, Mohammad E, Lidschreiber M, Stuetzer A, Bazsó FL, Maier KC, Urlaub H, Cramer P
27. April 2021
Better hearing with optical cochlear implants
Imaging techniques enable decisive step toward development of novel hearing prostheses In cochlear implants background noises compromise the comprehension of speech. The teams of Tobias Moser and Tim Salditt (both MBExC) were now able to use combined imaging techniques of X-ray tomography and fluorescence microscopy to create detailed images of the cochleae of rodents and […]
27. April 2021
Better hearing with optical cochlear implants
Understanding spoken words, developing normal speech – cochlear implants enable people with profound hearing impairment to gain a great deal in terms of quality of life. However, background noises are problematic, they significantly compromise the comprehension of speech of people with cochlear implants. The team led by Tobias Moser from the Institute for Auditory Neuroscience […]
26. April 2021
Super-resolution microscopy informs on the molecular architecture of alpha-synuclein inclusions in model systems and in the human brain
Weish P, Lázaro DF, Palmares L, Santos PI, Stadelmann C, Höglinger GU, Rizzoli SO, Outeiro TF
26. April 2021
Pathological polyQ expansion does not alter the conformation of the Huntingtin-HAP40 complex
Huang B, Guo Q, Niedermeier ML, Cheng J, Engler T, Maurer M, Pautsch A, Baumeister W, Stengel F, Kochanek S, Fernández-Busnadiego R
15. April 2021
Folding of VemP into translation-arresting secondary structure is driven by the ribosome exit tunnel
Kolar MH, Nagy G, Kunkel J, Vaiana SM, Bock LV, Grubmüller H

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